My opinion. 

I love pitbulls, once they are raised right they are so friendly and cute, and just a joy to have around.  Being surrounded by dogs growing up, I have learned to appreciate all breeds, and taking a special liking to big dogs.

I find that people judge a dog by its size a lot, and as pit-bulls are not that tall in height, they do have quite a large muscle mass.

I hear silly comments like the breed ‘should be extinct’, ‘horrible dogs’, but is this right? Everyone is well able to stand up fro racism and say its not right, so is it right to judge a dog by its breed.

Are they really aggressive?

While a lot of bombings have come from Isis, and the ‘Muslims’ as people call them, do we  say every single Muslim is the same, no of course not? So why presume a dog breed should be completely wiped out over a few incidents. If that’s the case terriers should be gone, as I have gotten a few nips from them, and trust me it hurts a lot!

Euthanizing an animal because it is supposedly aggressive is horrific, because then every single murderer, rapist, gang leader, drug dealer, etc, should all  be killed.  While I know there’s prisoners on death row, some murderer’s are left free after only a minority of years.   Why are we accepting this?

Dog fighting.

This beautiful breed is pit against each other, and made fight.   some people breed these dogs just to fight them, and the dogs are left for dead a lot of the time if they lose.  Loads of dogs are rescued, and rehabilitated from these so called, ‘homes’, and shown what its like to be a real dog, and are actually super friendly and get on super well with other dogs and animal.  All they need is love and care.


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