Puppies are cute, lets be honest, they are adorable.  And to be fair, I myself love puppies, kittens, babies, anything that’s small.  But I also love adult dogs, cats, and other animals.  My problem lies with people who get baby animals, then have no interest once they reach past that baby stage.  You see, dogs/cats/horses,etc are abandoned, abused, and just left, and the world is so fortunate to have places that take in these animals and re-home them.  People seem less likely to want to adopt as the dogs may not be the best tempered.

Do Research!

I can not stress this enough.  If you are reluctant to adopt an older dog, do the research, do the back-round check.  Getting an already matured dog does not mean the dog is going to come geared up with all the knowledge, and all the goodness you train your new little puppy with.

This dog has already been abandoned, even if the person was doing the right thing, this dog has already been abandoned, and you do NOT want to put it through that again, if you are unsure and do not have the time for the dog, do not adopt.  You need to remember, these dogs do not know you, they are going to have doubts, and you will have to show them you are around to stay.

Obedience is harder.

A puppy is going to take to obedience a lot easier in most cases, as they are being brought up like that.  A mature dog, who has not been thought obedience won’t know what that is.  While it will take that bit extra, put in the time, if you are a true dog lover you will understand this.  There is no two ways about it, what you put into your dog, you will get back.

Are they really more aggressive?

NO! They are not more aggressive.  They just might be that more fragile, and less trusting, but certainly not aggressive.  My thoughts on aggression and viciousness in animals is clearly stated in my previous blog if you would like to give that read! You need to show these new dogs as much love and attention for possible, show them that they are safe with you, they won’t be caged up/tied up for hours on end, they won’t be given tiny rations to eat, they are safe with you.

Does this apply for all animals?

Well of course, I am just pinpointing dogs as these are the animals people are most familiar with, but yes, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, mice, rats, whatever you want or desire!

Your new found best friend.

This will be so rewarding, watching your new best friend grow and learn to be the fun loving dog it should have always been.  Playing fetch, going for walks and just straight up cuddling with your friend.  I myself have grown up with dogs/puppies/fostering, and have given almost every inch of my time caring for these beauties.  It is such an achievement bringing the spirit out of these animals.


While animals may only be some of your life, you are their entire life.  So passing them around like a soccer ball has to stop!

Any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me at – tanyaoflynn123@gmail.com, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Is adopting older dogs easier than getting a puppy?

  1. Good advice. I think you have a lot of tips to offer. Why not connect up with the blog,
    ‘Learning From Dogs.’
    I am sure Paul would welcome your comments and perhaps do some cross reference of posts with you.
    That blog title, by the way, is also the title of his published book.😊


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