UPDATE ON US! Adoption?

Okay, so three weeks until we move to Portugal, very excited!  We have been doing a hell of a lot shopping, and preparing.

As you know we are major advocates for adoption and rescue of puppy/dogs, rather than the bought way.  And we have been in contact with a lovely organisation, hoping to adopt two beautiful dogs.

One is a beautiful German Shepherd at 4 and a half years old, and this is her second time being in this shelter, due to no fault of her own.

And the other is a large dog, of only about 1/2 year’s old.  As I am unaware of his breed, I will be doing my research on it, and furthering my knowledge.

Both these dogs have been abandoned, the German Shepherd being in this shelter twice.

This organisation are fantastic, neutering, vaccinating , and just showing these beautiful animal’s what a loving home is.  All animal’s deserve this right to be loved, and treated with the dignity and respect they should be.

ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR PROPERTY! We do not have the right to sit and take them from the wild, their homes, and make them preform, do tricks, and listen to our command for the sake of entertainment, ‘education’.

I would have no hesitation of giving the organisation’s name if contacted.

We will keep posted and pictures of our two beautiful dogs, once we get them.


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