We look at certain breeds of dogs, we look at Lions, Bear’s, Whales, Sharks, Tiger and loads more species and breeds, and we call them viscous, but are they really?

Wildlife? Natural Instinct or Just Viscous?

Do they really sit about thinking, “who’s the next human I’m going to kill”, especially wildlife, or do we invade their personal space and habitat, and all they are doing is protecting their territory?  They kill other animals because that is their food and how they survive, we kill animals for our food to survive, unless you are vegetarian or vegan of course.

Does a Tiger kill us, then skin us, then decide to use us as a rug for their home?  Let me just ask you, if you just gave birth to beautiful twins, and people that you weren’t familiar with invaded your home, you first instinct would be to protect your family, so why when a wild animal does it, they are suddenly branded ‘killers’, or ‘dangerous.

Can we really justify killing these beautiful animals?  Sharks kill on average 10 – 12 humans per year, while humans kill on average a whopping 100 million on average.

There is not a single record of a killer whale (Orca), killing a human in the wild, but their is records of them killing in captivity?  Why do you think that is eh?  Was this because they were viscous, or because they were fed up?

Domesticated Animals.

Almost everyone loves animals, whether its a cute cuddly puppy, a adorable kitten, a fluffy bunny or a bird sitting quietly on your shoulder, etc.  But what happens when one of these are aggressive, or known as ‘viscous’.   What does it mean when your animal is no long docile and sweet, and now is biting, scratching, or running away from you?

Dogs, one of the most loved animals yet, but yet we have breeds to supposedly stay clear from.  NO dog is born with a lock jaw, the most infamous myth about pit-bull’s, boxer’s etc.  While invading a dog’s bed, privacy, sticking your hand into them while they are eating, do you expect them not to snap?  Pit-bulls are NOT viscous.

I have a Cockatiel, who is fully tame, sits on my shoulder, cuddles with me, but when she is in her cage, that is her home.  When I do stick my hand inside her cage, she does bite, as this is her territory I’m invading.   Is she viscous? No of course not, she is territorial.

Why do we brand everything that bites viscous?

Animals are not viscous!


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