Who are we? 

  • Names : Tanya O’ Flynn & Chloe Myles
  • Ages : 19 & 18
  • Location : Currently Ireland, but moving to Portugal in a month.
  • Length of time together : 2 Years.


Myself and my partner originally set up this page to make people aware of animal cruelty and the different places this happens around the world.  Growing up I always cared and loved animals, and animals did the same for me.   I could pet supposedly”aggressive” house pets, and would not be bitten, scratched, etc. and people couldn’t understand why, and to be honest neither did I.

I thought that I had something special, but I soon realized that no, I didn’t.  I realized that these animals were not shown the loving and care that they should have been, and that while the people may not have been abusing these animals as such, they were not giving them affection or attention, making these animals unfamiliar with their own owners.

I myself have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a rabbit, and never have seen any aggressiveness from any of them.  From day 1 these animals have been taught that biting is not okay, and are always rewarded with treats and lots and lots of love.

When buying an animal you need to remember they have no idea who are, they’ve gone through so many different faces looking at them day to day.  They won’t bond with you straight away, and giving time and care, they will be your best friend.

We are currently living in Ireland, but will soon be living in Portugal, and can broaden our view on their animals, and their ways of doing things.  This move was a hard choice, leaving behind everything we love here, but we know that in the long run it is for the best.

I am originally from Russia but have been in Ireland since I was 5, and Chloe was born and raised in Ireland.  Getting my partner aware of the abuse to animals all around the world really opened her eyes, and shocked her to see what happened behind closed doors.  She now is jut as passionate, and cares just as much as I do about the topic.

I also hope to do more blogging, and even upload a few blogs about the move, as we are both very excited.

And also, I don’t claim to know everything about animals & mammals, but I put so much research and time into getting to know about them and they way they should and shouldn’t live.  I don’t plan for this to be one big sad blog where it’s all sad story’s,  I would personally be doing different things like day blogging, caring for different species, cruelty free products, blogging about exciting things happening, health and fitness, but mainly circulating this page about abuse and making animals equal to us!

Of course, if you have a certain topic you would like me to cover, just comment, or even e-mail if you don’t want it public, I of course will write about it through my own knowledge.

Anyway follow if you would like to keep up, and get to know who we are better and about us, and of course if you love cute stories, and cute pictures of animals, thanks for taking the time to read!


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