The angora rabbit is a domestic breed of rabbit which is bred for its wool, which grows long and is incredibly soft.  While some people wait for the fur to naturally shed many do not, and this was revealed by shocking footage found in french farms which keep this animals in captivity for these purposes.

These rabbits get pinned down and scream out in pain, while being plucked for their amazing fur.  The rabbits are bred in pens similar to that of a chicken, and are picked off to have their skin ripped from them.

Many of these rabbits even end up with some of their skin torn from the harsh pulling coming from the farmers.  In one clip, one of the farmers saying the fur doesn’t come off that easy in some parts, and he has to pull even harder.  And after these rabbits are naked after being plucked, they are at risk of thermal shock, and have no real warmth to protect them from this new coldness, while being thrown back in their hutch.

Compared to china, the only thing different about these farms is they actually have straw in their cage, but this more to preserve the clean and silky wool, rather than the own animals health and well, being.

Putting the rabbits under anesthetic is considered to be too expensive, so they do this terrible process while the rabbits are fully awake and conscious.  This operation causes permanent stress for these poor beautiful animals.

The new investigation comes after fellow animal rights group PETA released a gut-wrenching exposé into the angora industry in China three years ago.

Rabbits are gentle, socially complex, and intelligent animals with individual personalities, just like dogs and cats. In their natural habitat, rabbits live in scrupulously clean burrows and spend their time foraging for fresh, leafy food and interacting with members of their warren.

This kind of abuse can so avoided if people stop using this fur, stop supporting this terrible process and just start supporting our animals and how they are treated.  I hope this has reached someone, and even gets 1 person’s attention about how this is not humane or acceptable!

Thanks for reading.


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