5 DOG Facts

  1. Your dog is as smart as a 2 year old toddler,
  2. Your dog does have a sense of time, therefore of course he/she misses you while you’ve gone.
  3. Your one year old pup is as physically mature as a 15 year old human.
  4. Your dog can smell your feelings, its how they pick up on diseases, or even if you are pregnant.
  5. On average, a dogs mouth exerts 320 pounds of pressure, while humans is only 120 pounds.


  1. A group of cats is called a ‘clowder’.
  2. The first cat in space was a french cat by the name of Felicette (aka, astrocat,), she survived the trip!
  3. Cat’s can travel at a top speed of approximately 31 m/ph (49km) over a short distance.
  4.  A cats brain is bilogically more similar to humans brain then to a dogs brain.
  5.  The smallest wildcat today is the black-footed cat, the females being less that 20 inch long, and weight approximately 2.5 lbs.



  1. There are about 10,000 different species of birds.
  2. Bird bones are hollow, this helps them fly.
  3. It is believed that bird evolved from theropod dinosaurs.
  4. The first domisticated bird by humans, was the goose.
  5. According to National Geographic, scientists have an answer for the age old dispute over which came first, the chicken or the egg.  Reptiles were laying eggs thousands of years before chickens appeared.  The first chicken came from an egg laid by a bird that was not quite a chicken.  Therefore, the egg came first.


  1. Nearly all reptiles lay shelled eggs.
  2. The first reptiles are believed to have evolved around 320 million years ago.
  3. There are more than 8,000 species of reptiles on the planet, and they live on every continent except Antarctica which is too cold.
  4. More Americans die each year from bee stings rather than snake bites.
  5. Reptiles are the oldest type of animal on the planet, and were seen 320 million years ago the same as they are seen now.


  1. A female rabbit is called a ‘Doe’, a male being called a ‘Buck’. A young rabbit is called a kit (kitten).
  2. Rabbits are prey animals, meaning they will do anything to show that they are not weak or ill, so you have to keep a close eye to ensure they are properly healthy.
  3. Shelters take in more types of rabbits then dogs, cats, etc.
  4. Rabbits are ‘crepuscular’, meaning they are most active at dusk and dawn.
  5. Rabbits purr when they are content and happy, not like a cat, but just as cute.  It sounds like teeth chattering.


  1. Domestic horses have a lifespan of about 25 years.
  2. Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton.
  3. The Przewalski’s horse is the only truly wild horse species still in existence. The only wild population is in Mongolia. There are however numerous populations across the world of feral horses e.g. mustangs in North America.
  4. Horses like sweet flavors, and will usually reject anything sour.
  5. If a horse has a red ribbon on its tail, this most of the time means it kicks.


These are just some facts I came across doing my extra research on animals, and thought it would be good to share with anyone reading this to broaden your existing knowledge even further, thanks for reading. 


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