These three ponies experienced long term neglect and were all found with dull coats, suffering from irritation from lice infections.  Lottie and Silkie who were in extremely poor condition causing there spine, ribs and pelvic bones to be clearly visible, also appearing to be lethargic and depressed.  Lottie who’s front teeth were worn down due to attempting to chew on the woods of tree’s, also her hooves were overgrown.

All three were taken by RSPCA inspector, Mike Pugh, who was accompanied by a police officer, and veterinarian surgeon, and moved into a safer place.  They all concluded that Lottie and Polo and been exposed to unnecessary suffering after the owner failing to provide them with a nutritionally balanced diet.  Silkie who was also suffering as a result of malnutrition.

The owner, who accepted that the condition of these three ponies was far from adequate, and reasoning she gave was ‘lack of funds’, ‘not feeling well’, and ‘having other matters to deal with,’ as you can see these reasons are far from acceptable.

Funny enough she refused to give up ownership of these three ponies, also showing no remorse and she did not acknowledge her responsibility and failure to care for each of these ponies.

This is the kind of stuff we are trying to get across to any readers be it 1 or 100,000, people need to realize animals are not for a week or two, they are a life long commitment, and if you can not pay for them, look after them, or show them the love and support you would show a baby or another human, then you really need to reconsider your decision to purchase one.


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