Back in December 2016 a new award was given to Captain Ross Hennessey who done something extraordinary to help rabbits.  He was born a raised in New Orleans, also graduating from University obtaining a degree in sociology. He was also awarded EMTB (emergency medical technician) in 2000.

This man is a firefighter and also first officer with The New Orleans Fire Department since 1983(Engine station 1), saved the life of Pierre, a lop eared rabbit who unfortunately got caught up in a house fire November 28th, 2016. After this amazing act of kindness, Pierre was taken to the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital and was given some oxygen and extra help from the experts.  He soon recovered from Corneal Ulcers and smoke inhalation.

Captain Hennessey has two children, two dogs, two cats, four turtles, a tortoise, three snakes, a bearded dragon (reptile), and several fish.  “I’ve always been an animal person; I honestly like animals then most people,” Captain Hennessey says.

“Captain Hennessey’s brave and compassionate act make him the obvious candidate for our first-ever Amy Espie Rabbit Hero Award, named after Amy Espie, one of House Rabbit Society’s founding directors, who died in 2009, and who worked tirelessly to promote the best interest of animals in all that she did.” – Margo DeMello House Rabbits Society’s President

Captain Hennessey was presented with his award exactly a month ago, March 19th, 2017, by June Booth, who is a House Rabbit Society educator since 1995.


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