This amazing husky is known for her ice blue eyes.

Her owners were reported to animal control when they noticed she was very skinny and limping badly. When her owner was asked about what happened to her leg he said that a accident occurred in the driveway where she was ran over, ”Annabelle didn’t move in time”

At the end of the visits Annabelle could barely walk, she was skinner and had open wounds on her.

When she was finally rescued she got a well deserved warm bath, the needed medication and was also vaccinated. Annabelle had to get multiple x rays on her front legs. Both of her legs had old fractures. She could not put her left front leg down because it had atrophied. Her right front paw was crooked from breaks which had healed on their own. If she were to ever have a normal life, Annabelle would require surgery.”

Later they decided that Annabelle had to have her left leg amputated. She had a long recovering but is now fully recovered. She is not awaiting surgery on her right paw which will give her better balance and try to ease the hoping.


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